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I welcome postgraduate students interested in the following research areas:

  1. Health communication (esp. mental health and genetic literacy)

  2. Professional communication (esp. multicultural workplace contexts)

  3. Discourse analysis (preferably with an interdisciplinary focus)

Prospective students may contact me at

HKU Review


NG, Stephanie (2021 - current) (fully funded by a donation from Mind HK) ‘Mental health stigmatization in Hong Kong’ (provisional title)

XU, Xinyue. (2015-2020). Exploring the complexities of interpreter-mediated dental interactions in Hong Kong. (co-supervisor with Dr. S. Bridges, Faculty of Education, University of Hong Kong)

LUO, Zhengpeng. (2015-2019). Genetic literacy in direct-to-consumer personal genetic testing: A discursive approach. (Sole supervisor).

YAU, Hoi Yin, Alice. (2011-2015). Management of risk vis-à-vis responsibility in telephone-mediated consultations for a genetic condition: A discourse analytic study. (Primary supervisor).

AU YEUNG, Kai-Yin, Gigi. (2013-2017). Risk assessment and decision-making in genetic counselling for SADS: A discourse analytic study.(Primary supervisor)


KONG, Chee King Brandon, Mental health stigma at Hong Kong workplaces: A discourse analytic investigation (2019-2021). (Primary supervisor)

SZE, Pui Lun, Kyle, Identity construction and language ideology on Grindr in Hong Kong - a sociopragmatic perspective (2019-2021). (Co-supervisor, with Dr. Brian King).

HUI, Lok Chung (2019-2020). Participation of minors in healthcare-related decision-making: A discourse analytic study of genetic counselling for Sudden Arrhythmic Death Syndrome (SADS) in Hong Kong. (Primary supervisor) [this RPg place was fully funded from my RGC GRF project]

THENG, Yuan Seng Andre Joseph. (2017-2019). Constructing eliteness: The semiotics of ‘artisanal’ coffee shops in global cities. (Co-supervisor, with Prof. Adam Jaworski)

WU, Zhao Zhen. (2016-2018). Imagining an Umbrella community: Place, practice, affect, and intersubjectivity. (Co-supervisor, with Prof. Chris Hutton)

TSE, Wai Sum. (2016-2018). Community college marketization in Hong Kong: A critical discourse analysis of student stories. (Primary supervisor, with Dr. Brook Bolander), the thesis nominated for the prestigious Li Ka Shing prize.

YAU, Hoi Yin, Alice. (2009-2011). Risk communication in prenatal screening for Down syndrome: A discourse analytic study of patients’ risk talk. (Primary supervisor)


VAN DE VAN, Maarten Jeroen. (2008-2010). The Discourse Dynamics of Metaphor in the Business Decision-making of a Web Development Company. (Primary supervisor)

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