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Journal Articles

  • Edmonds, D. M., Zayts-Spence, O., Fortune, Z., Chan, A., & Chou, J. S. G. (2024). A scoping review to map the research on the mental health of students and graduates during their university-to-work transitions. BMJ Open, 14(3), e076729.

  • Edmonds, D., Zayts-Spence, O., Fortune, Z., & Fung, S.Y.J. (2023). Graduates’ perceptions and employers’ expectations: Essential skills in Hong Kong workplaces during the COVID-19 pandemic and beyond. Industry and Higher Education. Advance online publication.

  • Ng, S., Wong, W.C.P., Reidy, H, & Zayts, O. (2023).“It’s personal”: The relationship between personal mental health experiences and public expressions of mental health stigma. BJPsy Open, 9(3).

  • Zayts, O., Edmonds, D. M., Kong, B. C. K., & Fortune, Z. (2023). Mental health of new and recent graduates during the university-to-work transition: A scoping review protocol. BMJ Open, 13(4), e071357.


  • Pilnick, A. & Zayts, O. (2019). The power of suggestion: Examining the impact of presence or absence of shared first language in the antenatal clinic. Sociology of Health and Illness, 41 (6): 1120-1137.

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  • Zayts, O. & Sarangi, S. (2013). Modes of risk explanation in telephone consultations between nurses and parents for a genetic condition. Health, Risk and Society, 5(2): 194-215.






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