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Undergraduate Lecture at HKU

Undergraduate Courses

School of English, HKU:

ENGL1035 Language Crimes

ENGL1059/LCOM1004 Introduction to Pragmatics

ENGL2141 Doing Discourse Analysis

ENGL2180/LCOM2002 Language in the Workplace

ENGL2185/LCOM2008 Health Communication, 'healthy' communication

ENGL3041 Senior Colloquium: Talk at Work

ENGL3042 Extended Essay in English Studies

LCOM3006 Extended Essay in Language and Communication

Common Core Courses (CCC)

CCHU9032 Language, Institution and Power

Postgraduate Courses

School of English, HKU

ENGL6001 Research Seminar

ENGL7001-1A Research Methods


Li Ka Shing Faculty of Medicine, HKU

SURG7101 Risk Calculation and Effective Communication in Genetics

SURG7106 Case Studies

Graduate School

GRSC6102 Stream-based Responsible Conduct of Research: Working on Texts

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